Shimmering at ECSL

Carol Calvert and I had a sweet experience playing with Joseph Salack at the Everyday Center for Spiritual Living on 8/5. What a great service! They truly are “a loving, inclusive, omni-denominational community where we empower each other to live Joy-filled lives EVERY day.” Their celebration is offered every Sunday in the beautiful and acoustically awesome Rivera Chapel of Light located at 417 E. Rodeo Road, SF 87505 .

Here is an Enya tune we did:

What fun to have upright bass! Joseph Salack is the music director for ECSL and kindly jumped in to play with us.

Introducing Joseph Salack

After a long winter of recovery from a broken shoulder, and the rethinking my musical direction, I found pianist Joseph Salack. He needs no introduction in Santa Fe, where he has gigged for years, but he needs one on this site! We recently recorded these improvisational pieces on my iPhone. We envision ourselves improvising this way in a lovely venue with great acoustics and a real piano. Joseph has an electric keyboard for piano-less locations as well. Call Hope at 505-920-2256 for booking. Our first gig is at Upper Crust in Eldorado on Friday August 3rd, 6-9pm.

A kind of Summertime:


Spontaneous Jam

Vinnie and I had a fun long practice, ending in this spontaneous flute/guitar jam. What a blast! This may be my favorite kind of music to play – totally FRESH. Vinnie’s more into oldies, which I also love, but I’m more into jamming. Anybody interested? I’m looking for a guitarist and/or keyboard player who likes this kind of thing.

A fun musical clip

My dear friend Carol Calvert kindly took this clip at Second Street Brewery on 5/7/17, when I played with Harmonica Mike Handler’s Blues Review for the annual Crawfish Boil. Vin Kelley’s awesome vocal rendition of “Still Got the Blues For You” didn’t make it into the clip, but trust me, he was great. We really had fun that day. Mike played the cajon and harmonica simultaneously, and Larry Diaz played bass.