Flute & Guitar, Canyon Rd. Fri 7/20

Thanks to all our peeps who came. What a sweet surprise you were. Wasn’t it fun??

Will you be in town Friday, July 20? If so, stop by Winterowd Fine Art at 701 Canyon Road between 5 and 7pm. You will be able to meet the wonderful artists represented by Karla Winterowd, during a Group Exhibition called Force of Nature. Jim Harlan will accompany me on guitar. He’s so fun!

About the clip below: A few musical friends camped out on a cool night at Ghost Ranch in May ’18. Ilan Shamir patiently held an iPhone for this video of me and Jim Harlan until we noticed that Ilan was falling asleep which was hysterical! This tune is a mash-up of House of the Rising Sun with lyrics from Amazing Grace. The white square in the middle is a solar light. The flickering light is our campfire. Such a fun night!

FYI, on the off chance that you’ll be downtown this Sunday 9/2, Jim and I will serenade the artists and visitors at the Santa Fe Society of Artists show just off the plaza, from 2-4pm.

Introducing High Desert Duo

Hope Kiah on Flute, Vin Kelley on Guitar and Vocals
Hear clip: High Desert Duo at Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Fe, NM

Fun news on my musical end: awesome singer/guitarist Vinnie Kelley and I have formed the High Desert Duo. We play funky, jazzy baby boomer tunes and more. Vinnie is jumping in with very cool arrangements and impressive guitar work. I love the conversations happening between his guitar and my flute. Our first public gig was at Upper Crust Pizza in Eldorado on 2/17/17 to an overflowing house.

Please call Hope if you’d like to discuss booking Vinnie and me. Click to Call 505.920.2256

Facebook music page: http://facebook.com/santafeduo

Introducing Shimmer

Harpist/vocalist Carol Calvert and I played regularly for the Antioch service at the Loretto Chapel for years and we’re now expanding beyond religious venues. Carol’s voice is truly angelic and quite flutey. (Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish her voice from the flute.) Our inspiring spiritual pieces are perfect for services, events and dining environments. Contact me for booking.

Carol Calvert and Hope playing Ubi Caritas at the Loretto Chapel in 2016