About the Music

David Kaplan, Hope Ostheimer, Sue Ostheimer
David Kaplan, Hope & Sue Ostheimer at Wilton High School Graduation

Note from Hope: I started studying flute at 12, after being told definitively to give up the violin. (Our dogs loved to sing along a little too much…) I immediately started jamming to my sister Sana’s guitar/vocal tunes, improvising naturally.  We played locally and had the good fortune of performing at the Village Gate when I was 15 at the end of a women’s march. Since then I have been in and out of musical explorations, including a stint at Berklee College of Music. From ’87 to ’94 I lived and gigged in Crested Butte, Colorado after which I moved to Santa Fe, my happy home, where I continue to live with my husband Thom and work as a WordPress web designer. In 2013 I jumped full-steam back into music by attending Jazz Camp West in California.

In 2017 I worked regularly with guitarist/vocalist Vin Kelley, jamming and playing jazzy versions of oldies from the baby boomer generation, mostly. Below is a jam we did spontaneously in October, 2017, at the end of an extremely fun 4 hour practice session, where Vinnie happened to have his recording gear set up. Vinnie asked me what I wanted to play. “Let’s do something we’ve never done! Push RECORD!” And this happened. We never played it before or since. I turned the .mp4 into a slideshow in order to post it to Youtube and Facebook. This may be my favorite kind of music to make – totally spontaneous! Do you know a good keyboardist or guitarist who loves that? Contact me! (Vinnie is more into playing Americana tunes on his own and with the Blues Review.)

Shortly after jazz camp I met harpist/vocalist Carol Calvert. We played regularly for the Antioch service at the Loretto Chapel for years. Our inspiring spiritual/folk/celtic pieces are perfect for services, events and dining environments.

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