How to make a T-shirt mask with no sewing, no cutting

Dear friends, I miss seeing you at gigs! I hope you are healthy and safe and all your beloveds are also doing well. Thom and I are fine, enjoying walks, bike rides, TV, card games and frisbee in the driveway. I’m doing a little web work and we feel infinitely grateful for our home and the ability to pay our bills. My cancer treatments ended before the virus showed up which is an extra bonus. I pray for every patient and essential worker who risks their life to keep us cared for and fed. May we all safely do what we can to help.

Jim and Cyndi are well. They’re taking care of home projects including a total cleanout of their garage. I’m jealous! Maybe we’ll do that too… Jim’s going to record some music for me to record onto. Stay tuned.

I found this mask-making technique only on Twitter, and couldn’t share it publicly so I recorded my version. This obviously isn’t a medical solution. Just something we can do. So easy!!

Speaking of finding things to do… I miss playing with Jim and other friends! This little recording violates all kinds of copyright issues, so I may take it down, but, did I say I miss playing?? This song popped up on Amazon music so I jammed along.

Jamming over Crazy Love. Forgive me, Van Morrison but I love surfing on your musical wave!!

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