Day by Day, Sunny and Summertime

Jim Harlan and I played at Brookdale Senior Living again this October. We have fallen in love with these gigs. The audiences are attentive, appreciative and lovely. We now play regularly at El Castillo as well. In addition to our beloved Upper Crust gigs, private parties and town gigs, we are looking for more senior living gigs please! Contact Hope. Below are a few songs from Brookdale. Fortunately for the audience, the occasional audio distortions you will hear are in the recording only. Next time we’ll move the camera further from the speaker.

Dear friends, Thank you for all your good wishes during my recent medical adventures. I had two surgeries in the space of two weeks, both a success! I am cancer free.


6 thoughts on “Day by Day, Sunny and Summertime

  1. Lisa and Chris

    Our love, hugs and constant thoughts are with you as you go through this medical journey. The joy of music is healing. Lisa and Chris


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