Back-to-Back Upper Crust Gigs

Dear Friends,

We had so much fun March 18 and 19 at Upper Crust Pizza in Eldorado, and in town, respectively. Thanks tons to our attendees! Playing on the portal in town was sweet. These gigs were mercifully less jammed, but with awesome appreciative crowds, and everybody enjoyed the amplification.

Warm wishes to you,

Hope & Vinnie

Introducing High Desert Duo

Hope Kiah on Flute, Vin Kelley on Guitar and Vocals
Hear clip: High Desert Duo at Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Fe, NM

Fun news on my musical end: awesome singer/guitarist Vinnie Kelley and I have formed the High Desert Duo. We play funky, jazzy baby boomer tunes and more. Vinnie is jumping in with very cool arrangements and impressive guitar work. I love the conversations happening between his guitar and my flute. Our first public gig was at Upper Crust Pizza in Eldorado on 2/17/17 to an overflowing house.

Please call Hope if you’d like to discuss booking Vinnie and me. Click to Call 505.920.2256

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